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Chike Ukaegbu

Since the #NotTooYoungToRun bill was passed by President Buhari in Nigeria, there has been an influx of young people declaring their political positions.

One of those is Chike Ukaegbu, a 35 year-old New York-based tech entrepreneur who three weeks ago announced his candidacy for the Presidency in 2019.

In a CNN interview, Chike declared that since 60% of Nigeria's population are youth, it made sense that the country be governed by youth. He's also running on the pillars of tech, education and entrepreneurship.

Chike is the founder of Startup52, NYC’s premier and award winning
diversity-focused accelerator with a mission to increase the representation of founders from untapped communities in tech and startup entrepreneurship. As a leading voice on diversity, he has spoken at The White House and Harvard, amongst other places.

He’s an Educator, Entrepreneur, Investor, Humanitarian and Biomedical Engineer who is passionate about redefining representation through diversity and inclusion in tech and entrepreneurial spaces.

He’s flying from NYC to talk to us about Leapfrogging and with how embracing diversity, we can create inclusive safe spaces that trigger & support creativity and collaboration.

Have we mentioned he’s running for the Nigerian presidency...?