The affix Startup Showcase

We're partnering with the awesome humans at affix to bring the #aah18 Startup Showcase to life! We'll be showcasing a selection of startups with human-driven technology and innovation at their core. They'll each have their own booth at Above All Human 2018, and will be showcasing their products, services and stories with attendees. Take a look at who we've got exhibiting below!

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About affix

At affix, we help our customers transform, innovate and grow through connecting talent. Our mission is to effect positive change in the recruitment industry. We want to push the boundaries and do things differently, we're taking a game-changing approach to partnering with our customers"

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MiVote is an information platform that presents you with a variety of perspectives on all major issues up for debate in the Australian Parliament and many others that affect our lives, via the MiVote App. The MiVote App enables you to make an informed, well-rounded decision and have your say on where you want our country to go.

Politics is about power, democracy is about decisions. Chat with MiVote about how we all can drive the next generation of equal and informed community decision-making, and design the future we want, together.



Marketplacer is a SaaS product that allows people to create marketplaces fast. We provide the technology, systems and processes while you focus on gaining market share, customer experience and marketing. The platform brings the capability to create all types of marketplaces including platforms for products, services, events, bookings and digital downloads.

We have been building marketplaces since 2007 and we understand what it takes to win. With 2 million people using our marketplaces each month, we have created successful marketplaces globally such as BikeExchange and we provide technology to leading companies such as Myer and Jayco.



Stax is a platform that helps companies create a cost efficient, secure and healthy AWS cloud.

Dave has been in startups for 10 years and wants to help others do great work, he'll answer any and all questions, listen to any and all pitches. He wants to help others have fulfilling careers.



Sidekicker is Australia and New Zealand's leading on-demand staffing platform, using technology to connect thousands of businesses with tens and thousands of staff! They're handing out free smoothies in the Startup Showcase area, make sure you grab one while you can!



Flippa is the #1 marketplace and destination to buy and sell online businesses. Flippa's marketplace has over 5,000 new assets listed every week and currently has almost 2 million live listings.



PHORIA is a Melbourne-based immersive technology company. We pioneer evolving tech to transform human experience. We specialise in cutting edge 3D, 360 video, holographic, interactive, experiential, augmented, virtual & mixed reality technologies.
We believe tech is a tool for good, and should be used by the people - for the people!


inGenious AI

There's a growing market emphasis on personalised service, better customer experiences, and being available when and where the customers are. The challenges currently being experienced by organisations and their customers can be solved in new ways using next generation technologies such as conversational interfaces, machine learning, and A.I.
inGenious AI's chatbot CMS platform makes creating and managing complex chatbots easy by empowering content creators rather than developers, enabling them to craft engaging experiences to surprise and delight their customers.



Shebah is Australia’s first and only active all-female rideshare service getting women and children where they need to go. Launched in March 2017 (on International Women’s Day!), the app became the most popular download in the app store within 24 hours. Our fabulous fleet of drivers is growing every day and women across Australia are turning to shebah for safe and convenient transportation.



Bugwolf helps tech startups 8-10X the speed and quality of digital releases. We do this by converting digital quality into a competitive format that rewards speed, coverage and business impact. Our approach condenses 12 hours of elite testing into four-hour test cycles. In each test cycle, three elite testers compete against each other to uncover usability, functionality, accessibility, content and experience-related issues. The result is up to 5X device coverage, 50% lower testing costs and dramatically faster test cycles.



In God we trust, for everything else we bring data. For so long I searched for a solution to provide me with relevant data to help guide me and provide confidence in making the right choices and I believe I have finally found that solution. In fact, I believe in it so much that I joined the company - PredictiveHire. We use AI technology to give you more confidence that you are hiring the best ! Our predictive technology brings objective intelligence to help your organisations make better decisions, and it removes the bias. Our technology is a clever combination of behavioural science and performance data. It means every applicant has a fair go Instead of losing talent because it takes so long to figure out whether they are right for the role, you identify the best people upfront and fast Rather than spend your time screening, you spend it wooing the best applicants (those with the highest predictions)



The Limbr Decelerator supports entrepreneurs to connect with themselves and each other through facilitated real conversation. Our program promotes greater awareness and skills around wellbeing, including putting context around the common challenges of entrepreneurship to develop practical ways to address them. 

Our programs also include online support which lets you explore evidence-based resources, stories from fellow entrepreneurs and tailored recommendations for professional coaches and therapists.

Learn more at, and stay tuned for a Limbr offering through the Startup Vic membership!



RateIt captures on-the-spot ratings, to give you insights from the ground. Get to know your customers on a deeper level and know what’s going on anywhere, at any time.

At RateIt we’re on a mission to redefine customer feedback - our core purpose is to help make every customer experience awesome.


Bring Me Home

The commercial sector alone in Australia throws out nearly 4 million tonnes of edible surplus food annually. At the retail level, oversupplied pre-made food and excess ingredients in the back kitchen always feed into the problem. Bring Me Home's mobile app connects you to cafes, bakeries and restaurants that have unsold food to sell at a discount.

With our app, you can buy quality surplus food which would otherwise be binned, and bring 'em home before the food retailer closes.  Our goal is to make surplus food more accessible and give them a second chance in your belly, not the bin. 



Cardly is a creative tech startup based in Melbourne that allows you to handwrite and doodle inside greeting cards using any connected device. The cards are then printed and sent directly to your friends, family and clients. Cardly’s proprietary humanisation engine takes your typing and converts it to mirror natural handwriting.

The team has built an amazing marketplace of independent designers to create a collection of over 1,000 unique greeting cards. Businesses can send these personalised cards to their clients as easily as they would send an email. You can use Cardly to print and send cards to anyone in the US, UK and Australia.



At Valuate, we are changing the way people price things online. Empowering consumers to act upon their true valuation of the world around them. Our ecommerce products allow people to connect in real time to exchange products and services at a price that suits them.