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Kunal Kalro

Kunal is the founder & CEO of Eugene, a genetics and health startup empowering people with expert, convenient and compassionate healthcare - anytime, anywhere. This begins with helping people plan a healthy pregnancy.

He is a relentless advocate for addressing systemic biases in the medical industry that have long shaped the kind of treatments, cures and recommendations we get at the doctor's office - biases that continue to result in worse health outcomes for women, people of colour and most other minorities. He believes that if we do not open up access to include diverse populations in promising new genomic technologies, we'll worsen existing health inequalities and probably create terrible new ones while we're at it.

Eugene works to address these inequalities in health outcomes by empowering all of us, as individuals and communities, to make more informed choices about our own health and the role we play in advancing representation in healthcare research.

Kunal is an experienced entrepreneur, product designer and technologist with a passion for building useful products and a career spanning the Australian, US, Latin American, Middle Eastern and Indian markets.