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Zoe Milgrom

Zoe is the founder and Director of Clinical Operations at Eugene. She's spent more than a decade working in the field as a genetic counsellor, both in the public and private health systems and has guided people through education, social and emotional support at every stage of life from pregnancy, birth and planning for death.

She has experienced first-hand how the rate of change in genomic technologies impacts individuals living with and at-risk of genetic diseases, how the current paternalistic model of healthcare doesn't work for most people, and how it isn't keeping up with the growing demand form our communities. 

At Eugene, she brings an unwavering commitment to providing ethical and clinically actionable genetic testing in an emotionally and culturally supportive environment - to empower people with the knowledge and agency to make health choices that feel right for them.

Zoe believes that good healthcare embraces every aspect of a person's experience with compassion, empathy and kindness and that we have an imperative as a society to embrace technology to make genetic testing more accessible, inclusive and informative.